Deck Restoration Or Deck Replacement – Which Is The Better Choice?

Should you have your deck restored or replaced? That’s a good question, and to be clear, it does have everything to do with your individual situation. Let’s first talk about how deck restoration is the new replacement. Naturally, you have to have a solid deck that would look good and last much longer if it were restored. You don’t want to spend all the money to restore a deck, only to realize later that replacing it would have been the better option.

Restoring a deck costs a lot less than replacing a deck. If your deck is foundationally in good shape, then a restoration would work out great. You are the one that is going to have to make that decision. If you are able to save a ton of money and have a great looking deck that functions properly, why not do it? You could funnel the rest of the money saved into another home improvement project.

Maybe you could outfit your restored deck with new patio furniture and a new grill. It’s all in how you want to do the project, but you might want to think twice before tearing down a deck and taking on the rebuilding process. For starters, you might be able to make the restoration a DIY project, and perhaps the deck building project wouldn’t be something you could handle. Again, you know the answer to that question, but handling whichever choice you make yourself means extra savings.

A deck restoration would look nice, but the deck you have needs to be one that lasts for years. Otherwise, you are much better off investing the money in a new deck. One thing for sure is you want to be enjoying a nice deck this summer, so you better get to working on one project or the other.

Cheap Home Decors Tips For Any Budget

One of the biggest downsides to redecorating your home is obviously the financial burden. In many cases, families with tighter budgets end up being stuck with the same old look for ages since it seems there just isn’t enough room to accommodate any new purchases in the realm of furniture, decor, or upholstery. If you’ve been feeling trapped in a similar fashion, the good news is that there are a number of cheap home decors tips that can easily help you add a new bit of style without having to break the bank.

1 – Hunt Down Local Yard Sales

First of all, keep an eye out for any yard sales in your area. These days, many of them are advertised on the likes of local Facebook groups and Craigslist. It’s pretty common to come across signs promoting them throughout your neighborhood and surrounding areas as well. If you’re thorough enough you’ll definitely come across them on a fairly regular basis, especially throughout the spring and fall.

Many people assume that yard sales generally only have old junk for sale, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many families merely need emergency funds or are moving out, meaning they’ll gladly sell you some great pieces for incredibly low prices. No matter what, you’ll almost always walk away with something interesting for only a few bucks at the most.

2 – Discount Retail Chains

You should also make sure to look at discount retail stores like Marshalls or Ross Dress For Less. There are numerous examples found throughout most major cities. Stores of this nature buy stock from other stores that might be a few seasons old at a greatly discounted rate, and then pass those savings onto the consumer. You can find everything from rugs and curtains to lamps and chairs in these stores at a great bargain.

That only scratches the surface! There are a wealth of cheap home decors tips that you can follow to make your home redesign completely hassle free. All it takes is a little creativity, patience, and resourcefulness!

Metal Roofing Prices – Higher But Worth In The Long Run

Today meat roofs have become the popular choice of many home builders and homeowners. The main reason for its popularity is that they are seen to be more practical in the long run. If one wants to renovate their house and are thinking of changing their roof, then they should go for the metal roofing. metal roofing comes in different types of forms and varieties. The composition of it varies according to the manufacturer specifics.

The main reason that they are the first choice of the homeowners is the durability. The metal roofs have the capability of lasting and withstanding any weather for at least 50 years. The price of metal roofing varies according to the shape, color and style.  The design of the metal roofing comes in different varieties, so you can choose the design according to your taste.

The price of the metal roofing is per square foot. The contractors also offer different packages. The packages may include the panels, caps, trims and flashings. You must ask about the packages before choosing the one.

The cost of metal roofing varies from person to person who do the installation. The experienced metal roofing contractor will charge more money as compared to the one who have just made a start.


Upgrade your kitchen to improve your home

A Modern Look With Just Cabinet Refinishing…
Kitchen updrage 1Are your old and tired-looking cabinets making your place look drab? There is no cause to worry as there are a variety of ways to deal with this. You might be tempted to tear out your cabinets and replace them with brand new ones, but there are other less costly options to explore.

While installing a new set of cabinets will give you a lot of choices that might not be possible with your current ones, just by getting some fresh ideas on alternative options can steer you away from this more expensive plan of action. With some creativity, the alternative option of refinishing your cabinets will prove to be a better solution for several reasons.

Consider Cost impact

If you have looked into the prices of new cabinets currently, you will notice that they can cost you thousands of dollars especially if you get them from a home improvement store. It will also be most likely that what they have in stock might not be a suitable replacement for your space as your old cabinets that have been custom built for it when your home got constructed.

Replacing your old cabinets with brand new custom made ones can even be more expensive. This is because you have to factor in the costs of tearing out the old ones, installing the new ones, replacing counter tops, as well as the plumbing costs to unhook the pipe and hook it back up. With all these expenses, you might be discouraged not to pursue this project at all.

Should you hire a professional?Kitchen updrage 2

However, if you modify your project into cabinet refinishing, you can easily avoid the additional costs. You might still end up wanting to replace your counter tops, incurring you some plumbing costs, but this will just be an option during refinishing instead of a necessary task. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, refinishing cabinets can only run up to several hundred dollars especially if you have some DIY skills and the willingness to put in some time for this project.

Skipping the DIY part and letting a professional do the refinishing can be an option, and will still be much less costly than full replacement.  Kabinet Pros is a professional National company based out of Denver Colorado that specializes in cabinet refinishing.

Plan before you start

Take some time to assess the condition of your cabinets before rushing into a substitute project. For example, if you are still satisfied with the style of your cabinet doors, then there is no need to replace them. The same goes for the style of your cabinet boxes and drawers. If they still move smoothly and are in good condition, refinishing them is all that you need to do instead of replacing them.

With cabinet refinishing, you just need to invest in high-quality cabinet finishing materials and some tools if you do the DIY route. If you have the time and patience, allow the first application of finishing to cure before applying the second. At the end of the task, you will realize that it is worth the wait as the result is a brand new look that you and your wallet can be happy with. With newly refinished cabinets, your kitchen will look fresh and modern but without the costs of an expensive replacement. The difference in price can be used for upgrading other areas of your kitchen to make it look updated overall.

Appliance Repair Can Sometimes Provide A Better Solution

Appliance repair is not always the best option, as some appliances aren’t always able to be repaired for a cost efficient price. However, you might be surprised just how many times that an appliance repair can be a great solution.

Just because it’s not always going to work out, doesn’t mean you don’t want to check into it just to see if you can save some money. It might also save you time, as the technician can often get out to your home right away. The technician will be able to check out your appliance and give you a quote if repairs are possible.

If you need to buy a new appliance, they will tell you. Of course, that means you will have had to pay a service call.

To prevent having to pay for a service call, you have two options.

You can check online, as there are some websites which will give you troubleshooting tips.

Or if you do not like the idea of checking out the appliance yourself when you telephone the appliance repair company, give them as many details as possible, and they should be able to give you an idea of the problem and probable cost.


Appliance repair might not always be an option, but it most certainly is worthwhile checking out first before buying a new appliance.

It might be that the stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or whatever another type of appliance you have that has broken down just needs to be replaced.

Home appliances do not last forever, and a new one needs to be bought from time to time. A cost efficient way of having the appliance last longer is to have it serviced on a regular basis by a good local appliance repair company. This way you should have fewer breakdowns, and as the technician will know your machine, if it does breakdown it should be quicker and less costly.

Choosing A Reputable Appliance Repair Company

appliance-repair-companyHave you been having problems with your home appliances lately? If this is the case, you may want to hire the best possible appliance repair service. Unfortunately, this is an industry that has seen countless repair companies pop out in every corner of the world finding the best choice can be a difficult task. There exist some people whose aim is to get your money in exchange for poor services.

It is likely that you may know some repair companies either on a personal level, or you have seen a friend or neighbor take his or her appliances there for repair. These companies probably offer excellent appliance service. Therefore, while you make your choice, you may want to consider going for a business that you have a good idea about. You can start from there.

Referrals are some of the best areas where you can get a reputable company for appliance repair. You can talk to your friends or family. It is likely that one of them has had the pleasure of doing business with an appliance repair company. They may be able to shed light on the quality of work that the company provided them with. You should, however, be careful. Do not make a decision solely based on what your friends tell you till you have seen what the company can do.

If you are aware of other companies that do repairs but are not dealing with the kind of home appliances that you are using, you can put them to use. They can be very helpful to your endeavors. It is very likely that they know of a repair service out there that can help you out. However, just like with the referrals, you should take everything you hear as gospel.

After you have researched, gone through referrals and recommendations, you are likely to come up with a long list. There is no possible way that you can work with all of them and so you will need to narrow down the list. Here you will have to consider some factors. Some of these include their price, experience, and level of professionalism.

The kind of experience that the company has in the industry is very important. Take your time and ask the company how long they have been doing business. That does not stop there, however. Ensure that the technicians working for the company are fully equipped and qualified for the task.

A Party For Your Brand New Patio

patioWhen you just finished your patio, it is important to have a party to celebrate it. And there are quite a few different themes of parties you can do with as well.

A Patio Party that is Water Themed

If your patio was finished in summer, then you will most definitely want to have a water themed party to celebrate. So go out and have some water balloons, squirt guns, a swimming pool, a water slide, and just go all out because a water themed party is a ton of fun. Do not forget about the food too because a party is not complete without some grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to fill your belly after having an intense water fight with all of your friends and family.

A Party to Celebrate Independence Day

An excellent way to celebrate the completion of your patio is to host a party during Independence Day because this is where things can get interested in the combination of beer, barbecue, and fireworks. So you may want to be patriotic and decorate the patio with the classic red, white, and blue colors.  And of course, you are going to need a beautiful flag flying on this particular day of liberty and freedom as we celebrate the birth of our beautiful nation. But at the same time, do not take it so seriously, just have fun, eat good food, have excellent conversations, and fire off some fireworks because that is the biggest part of the 4th of July.

If you live in New Orleans if you love New Orleans culture, then having a Mardi Gras themed party is the way to go, complete with beads. You may want to use colors purple and gold to celebrate this majestic city. When it comes down to the décor, it is important to have the giant feathers, the fantastic masks, and it is important that you do not forget about the costumes, after all, this is going to be a Mardi Gras party on your brand new patio.

That is just a few different ideas you may want to follow when you are hosting a party on your patio. Just be creative because you can have any theme when you are hosting a party, just make sure it is fun and filled to the brim with fantastic food that will keep your friends and family coming back for more every time you host a party.

Money-Saving Guide on Buying Home Air Conditioning Systems

ac-repairAside from trusted brand names of the air conditioning system, good performance, and good quality, a low or reasonable price are some of the things to consider when getting an AC unit. AC requires care and cleaning, as well, to keep clean, fresh, and maintain a steady cold temperature. Otherwise, you made need AC repair. However, for homeowners who are always keeping an eye on their monthly electrical bill, making sure that they get the most out of their AC while maintaining the energy bills at the minimum is always the objective.

Air conditioners have the reputations of contributing most to energy bills and being high maintenance. Although ACs are indeed costly to keep on and requires high maintenance, there are some ways you can keep your AC expenses to the minimum while at the same time enjoy the cooler temperature all day. In this article, we’ll talk about the things you can do to make the most out of your home AC without consuming a lot of power and paying skyrocketing bills.

When choosing an AC, pick something that has a reputable brand name and something known for its long-lasting quality. Aside from that, make sure they have very useful features, such as such as humidifying, dehumidifying, and auto-timer. And, if possible, select multiple functions in one kind of unit so you won’t have to buy an individual appliance per for each purpose.

Before you decide what AC to buy, consider the factors below aside from its helpful multi-functional features:

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

If the AC system is efficient, then it takes less energy to operate. Thus, consuming little power. Efficient ACs are also known to be eco-friendly, so it’s ideal if you’re concerned with the environment. The Department of Energy stated that 13 should be the minimum SEER and the ratios of the ACs produced nowadays have 16. The higher the SEER, the cheaper to operate. Although, the higher SEER, the more expensive, too.

Humidity-control feature

When choosing an AC, whatever the climate is in your location, one with humidity control feature is ideal. Even if your AC is on, if the room is very humid, you’ll feel warm. So ACs with a feature that can dehumidify can save you money when running them since it will require your AC to work less. Thus, consuming less energy.

Modulation or fan speed options

An AC that has speed levels or options can help you cool a room by using the right speed in a way that won’t consume excessive or unnecessary energy. Being able to control how cold you want your room to be will eliminate unnecessary usage or making the room excessively cold.

An AC with heat pump

Most ACs cool hot air through refrigerants, which converts hot air into a cold liquid, consume tons of energy. Compared to refrigerants, heat pump absorbs the heat in the room and releases it outside. ACs that have heat pumps instead of refrigerants can save you up to $1000 yearly.

Cleaning and repairing as maintenance

Once you’ve purchased your AC, make sure to keep the filters clean and regularly have a technician check it frequently to prevent any damage from worsening. If ever there is any unavoidable damage, have the part either replaced or repaired rather than replacing the whole AC unit. Remember to consult a professional AC technician first before concluding a particular part is impossible to fix.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Nice HouseAlthough spray foam insulation is highly recommended by most contractors, a lot of homeowners feel intimidated by the cost and commitment involved in using this type of insulation. However, if they’ll only consider some of the most notable benefits of spray foam insulation, they would realize that it’s worth the investment.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Due to its expansive nature, spray foam is capable of tightly sealing all the nooks and crannies that are usually exposed; that’s why it’s better than any other type of insulation.

Spray foam insulators are also powerful insulators which it can dramatically lower the energy consumption. In fact, it has been shown that it is capable of providing an average of 50% energy savings, while other types of insulation can only offer 30%.

Furthermore, just like what has been mentioned earlier spray foam insulation can thoroughly seal the holes, cracks, and crawl space. Most of the time, homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on energy bills because of air leaks. Spray insulation can prevent that from happening as it creates a powerful airtight seal that’s less permeable to air infiltration.

Long Life Span

Perhaps, the most useful benefit that you can enjoy from using spray foam insulation is that it has an indefinite lifespan. Both homeowners and business owners can enjoy the benefits of using this type of insulation for several years, without the need to spend for re-insulation. Although it can be quite costly at first, investing in spray foam insulation can help you save money in the long run, because it can perform at optimal levels for some years.

Lastly, for those who are worried about the environment, rest assured that spray foam insulation is eco-friendly. It creates a green household, protects the home against mold growth, and it’s designed to last indefinitely, that means fewer waste products.

Simple Cost Effective Home Improvement Tips

45salarys-home-improvementsHome improvements not only make your place beautiful but can also increase the market value of your property. It is a known fact that making home improvements without proper planning can be expensive. Here are a few tips from experts to help you carry out valuable enhancements without burning your pocket.

Tip 1: If you are planning to sell your house, you must know that updated homes usually sell faster. The remodeling of your dated or dark kitchen and bathroom is one of the most cost-effective and profitable home improvements you can make.

Tip 2: If the interest rates are falling, it is time to refinance your mortgage. Contact a few financial institutes to find out the interest rates they are charging. If the rates are lower that what you are paying, you can close the existing mortgage which can save thousands of dollars each year.

Tip 3: To make your home even more beautiful, you can add a small living area like a family room.

Tip 4: When planning your home improvement, make sure you find out how long will the items last. For example, a new chimney will last for at least 100 years, but a wooden chair may last for only 15 years. This simple analysis will also give you an idea of the salvage value of the product.

Tip 5: Similarly, if you are planning to get a new appliance for your home, find out the average life expectancy of the appliance. Here is a small brief on how long they last:

  • Microwave: 8 years or more
  • Refrigerator: up to 18 years
  • Washer: about 8-10 years
  • Stove: 10 years or more

Tip 6: One of the ways of significantly improving the value of your home is by adding a second bath to your home.

Tip 7: At times, you have to make an investment to save money. For example, if you get a new refrigerator, you can reduce your electric expenses. You can also insulate your attic to reduce your air-conditioning and heating bills. These improvements not only reduce your expenses but also increase the value of your property.