Deck Restoration Or Deck Replacement – Which Is The Better Choice?

Should you have your deck restored or replaced? That’s a good question, and to be clear, it does have everything to do with your individual situation. Let’s first talk about how deck restoration is the new replacement. Naturally, you have to have a solid deck that would look good and last much longer if it were restored. You don’t want to spend all the money to restore a deck, only to realize later that replacing it would have been the better option.

Restoring a deck costs a lot less than replacing a deck. If your deck is foundationally in good shape, then a restoration would work out great. You are the one that is going to have to make that decision. If you are able to save a ton of money and have a great looking deck that functions properly, why not do it? You could funnel the rest of the money saved into another home improvement project.

Maybe you could outfit your restored deck with new patio furniture and a new grill. It’s all in how you want to do the project, but you might want to think twice before tearing down a deck and taking on the rebuilding process. For starters, you might be able to make the restoration a DIY project, and perhaps the deck building project wouldn’t be something you could handle. Again, you know the answer to that question, but handling whichever choice you make yourself means extra savings.

A deck restoration would look nice, but the deck you have needs to be one that lasts for years. Otherwise, you are much better off investing the money in a new deck. One thing for sure is you want to be enjoying a nice deck this summer, so you better get to working on one project or the other.