Money-Saving Guide on Buying Home Air Conditioning Systems

ac-repairAside from trusted brand names of the air conditioning system, good performance, and good quality, a low or reasonable price are some of the things to consider when getting an AC unit. AC requires care and cleaning, as well, to keep clean, fresh, and maintain a steady cold temperature. Otherwise, you made need AC repair. However, for homeowners who are always keeping an eye on their monthly electrical bill, making sure that they get the most out of their AC while maintaining the energy bills at the minimum is always the objective.

Air conditioners have the reputations of contributing most to energy bills and being high maintenance. Although ACs are indeed costly to keep on and requires high maintenance, there are some ways you can keep your AC expenses to the minimum while at the same time enjoy the cooler temperature all day. In this article, we’ll talk about the things you can do to make the most out of your home AC without consuming a lot of power and paying skyrocketing bills.

When choosing an AC, pick something that has a reputable brand name and something known for its long-lasting quality. Aside from that, make sure they have very useful features, such as such as humidifying, dehumidifying, and auto-timer. And, if possible, select multiple functions in one kind of unit so you won’t have to buy an individual appliance per for each purpose.

Before you decide what AC to buy, consider the factors below aside from its helpful multi-functional features:

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

If the AC system is efficient, then it takes less energy to operate. Thus, consuming little power. Efficient ACs are also known to be eco-friendly, so it’s ideal if you’re concerned with the environment. The Department of Energy stated that 13 should be the minimum SEER and the ratios of the ACs produced nowadays have 16. The higher the SEER, the cheaper to operate. Although, the higher SEER, the more expensive, too.

Humidity-control feature

When choosing an AC, whatever the climate is in your location, one with humidity control feature is ideal. Even if your AC is on, if the room is very humid, you’ll feel warm. So ACs with a feature that can dehumidify can save you money when running them since it will require your AC to work less. Thus, consuming less energy.

Modulation or fan speed options

An AC that has speed levels or options can help you cool a room by using the right speed in a way that won’t consume excessive or unnecessary energy. Being able to control how cold you want your room to be will eliminate unnecessary usage or making the room excessively cold.

An AC with heat pump

Most ACs cool hot air through refrigerants, which converts hot air into a cold liquid, consume tons of energy. Compared to refrigerants, heat pump absorbs the heat in the room and releases it outside. ACs that have heat pumps instead of refrigerants can save you up to $1000 yearly.

Cleaning and repairing as maintenance

Once you’ve purchased your AC, make sure to keep the filters clean and regularly have a technician check it frequently to prevent any damage from worsening. If ever there is any unavoidable damage, have the part either replaced or repaired rather than replacing the whole AC unit. Remember to consult a professional AC technician first before concluding a particular part is impossible to fix.